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We help retirees preserve assets, create income that cannot be outlived, and ensure they will leave a lasting legacy.


Today’s retirees face challenges unique to their generation. Record low interest rates, longer life expectancy, government deficits, and inflation / deflation to name a few of the issues. We address each of these with our clients to put them on a path to excel in retirement.

Clients Excel President David Treece


David Treece is focused on helping retirees navigate the challenges they face in retirement. Character and treating others as he would want to be treated were centerpieces when he founded Clients Excel and they continue to be to this day.

David began his career in financial services nearly a decade ago. He spent much of his childhood with his grandparents. As a result, he is able to better understand the obstacles aging presents. This led David in to a career of working with senior citizens. His goal is to create a strategy for each of his clients that will enable them to be confident that their finances are in good order.

David is a licensed insurance producer in numerous states and has worked with hundreds of retirees. He is a member of the National Ethics Association. He also enjoys being active and participating in F3, a men’s morning workout group. David and his wife Mallory have a daughter named Ameila, and they are members of Grace Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg. He has also been a longtime benefactor of the Mocha Club, an organization that provides clean drinking water for people in Africa.

The National Ethics Association (NEA) is a paid membership organization. All NEA Background-Checked members have successfully passed the annual seven-year background checks for criminal, civil, and business violations in order to meet the membership standards. However, the association provides no guaranteed assurance or warranty of the character or competence of its members. Always make financial decisions on the basis of your own due diligence.

Clients Excel President David Treece

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